The struggle of a man, his autistic child, and their school

Pretty sad when you have to send your child to school wearing a wire.

Thanks for putting that up.

Sad that he had to wire him, but I’m glad he did. I think it was absolutely a smart idea on his part. I know this is in the States, but I wish I had thought of it at times. I hope he can get things changed. What an excellent video he did. Well spoken. There are some good teachers out there and you can tell by how well your child is doing and how much they love school. When you change teachers and the kid changes personalities and becomes stressed, you have to start asking questions. I’m proud of him for being such an active parent.

Talk to your kids daily - not matter what. How was your day at school? Anything happen today? What are you guys learning? Open the converstion so your children know you are interested and listening. Kids need to know they can be heard. I told my kids I would believe everything as long they told the truth. We had many battles with our school system, but my kids knew as long as they were truthful, I would stand stand for them. I believed them, because I had no reason to doubt. This poor kid couldn’t do that, so his dad did what he needed. Good for him! Thanks for posting the video!