The Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

To derail this thread with the first post, if anyone finds footage of  Hayley Wickenheiser’s goal in the championship game against the US last night, post it. 
Great shot, top shelf in a true goal scorer fashion. 
All I could find was the full game on tsn’s broadband.

Sarah Vaillancourt’s breakaway out of the penalty box in the third period was pretty sweet too.

Yes,  footage of that would be good too.

So who’s ready for Game Four on Friday?
Who can even remember the Canucks scoring 5 goals in the same game?

I found this footage:

Very cool, I guess that’s what that New CBC HD footage looks like.

Seven men to the ice, no subs, no survivors…

Wonder what they would have done with quadruple overtime back then…

seriously, what the fuck is with the vancouver canucks.  cant say im happy about a game 7 but i stand to make some money off it…rule #1: always bet against the canucks.  rule #2: if someone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds, take it, if John Mellencamp ever wins an oscar, im gonna be a very rich man.