The shades of the mill .... up popping up at Ridley

Old owner of the Mill Dan Veniez was made the CEo I think of Ridely Terminals … I told the crew out there give it time … think will start to happen  guess what today Friday which is the same day that Veniez used to drop the BOMB on the mill guys … is black friday at Ridley Apparently 3 big bosses are no longer employed there!

new guy at the post is an American … hm … coincidence … 465.0.html

Anyone know who was let go?

Surprise surprise… but dont worry “big things are coming”. “opening soon”

CEO - Greg Slocombe
COO/CFO - Cam (can’t remember his last name all of a sudden)
HR Manager - Bill (again - not sure of his last name…)

Bill Myers


Ridley Terminals makes major changes to management
By Shaun Thomas - The Northern View - May 27, 2008

The board of Ridley Terminals in Prince Rupert announced a major shake up of the company’s management, parting ways with both President and Chief Operating Officer Greg Slocombe and Chief Financial Officer and Operations Manager Cam McIntyre.

“The board, which is almost entirely new, has a specific direction they would like to go in terms of operating the facility and it was felt that a new management team would probably be in better keeping with that direction. We worked with the existing management team for a while and it was determined that perhaps a different team would be more appropriate for the direction we wanted to go,â€[/quote]