The rounding rule

I was disappointed to see the other thread on this topic veer south and end up in the wasteland but I want to bring this up again.

On numerous occasions since we lost our penny I have found that retailers are rounding up when I pay with my debit card. It’s occurred to me that these businesses could be using this rounding rule as a way to milk a few more cents here and there out of their customers. The rule provides an excuse of ignorance or making a mistake and I quite frankly don’t like it. I’ve even had a retailer round an .07 to .10 which should be rounded to a .05 when using cash. This was on debit however. A penny here or there is not much per transaction to the individual but as a retailer it could end up in thousands of dollars extra per year. Thoughts?

You only round up cash transactions, not for debit cards.
Remember: Do not attribute to malice what is usually ignorance.
These halfwits they graduate these days can’t round up. Beyond them.

most retailers are honest, if the occasional one rounds up when it should be down ask them if that is their policy, also for credit cards and debit cards there is no need to round up.

I’m one of those old fashioned types that makes small purchases with cash. Half the time they round wrong. So I make them call the supervisor.
A quarter of the time the supervisor gets it wrong too.
Put a sign in my store by the till explaining rounding.
$1.01 and $1.02 round to $1.00 - $1.03 amd $1.04 round to $2.00
It was there for a week and only the High School math teacher asked if it was a joke.

Haha ++