The roof is on fire!

Someones house near plaza street burned to a crisp this morning or at night, im not to sure yet. One body was taken out and wasnt moving, im not sure if he or she is dead or not. I heard the whole house is toast.

Where the heck is Plaza street?

I check yahoo maps no Plaza st in Prince Rupert, Terrace but i thought there was a plaza st in port Ed!

Plaza street is right across from pigott ave. Do u know where pigott is?

It was on 6th Ave, right behind where i am living, it was around 2 or 3 cant really remember.

Actually right across from Pigott is a bunch of houses. Down the street however, is Plaza street. It’s the one that goes between 6th and 7th with the George Casey Park lane.

Near my friends house, another hosue caught fire and his dad saved some lady from the fire.

Someone should write up a detailed account of the events here, and maybe someone from the Daily News will quote you.

So…on a recent road random road trip. There came a need for music. Having played all my own cds, I decided to delve into the depths of the few cds that I had collected from a certain bf of mine.

Flipping through them my eyes fell upon one cd. It was the standard brown cd with black felt writing.

Stuff^3 : Music for Mayhem

The first song being country I fought the urge to throw the thing out the window. My pilot Jon however decided that it was a good song and we ended up listening to the whole cd…even the "Fish F#@K song.

Needless to say, it was one of the more “different” cds I’ve listened to…