The Robot!


If Robots were never invented, would the Robot Dance have come along?

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PB + J = PBW


if Styx didnt make Mr. Roboto the world would be a lesser place

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto…



Wtf is that?


I’m of the mind that Mr. Roboto is a pretty shitty song. Styx has far better songs, like Man in the Wilderness.


Speaking of Man In the Wilderness, what song did Eminem use a sample of it in?


I don’t know, the guy in the room next door to me was playing it.


Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure some recent rap song has the chorus from Renegade by Styx in it.


from the horrors of the past category :
ja rule and metallica - we did it again


We Did It Again would have been MUCH better if DMX had done it like Metallica had wanted… instead of Ja Rule.


Y’all need to respec tha Clan.

I have more Wu-Tang mp3s than any other rap artist/group.


this girl who lives where I go for vacations in the summer sent me a wu-tang cd and a love letter once.

cept it was the clean version. i dont think i’ve ever listened to it.


oh and she doesnt love me anymore.