The Roads

So to my previous post regarding these tremendous tire biting pot-holes I am Sooo happy to see that given Ruperts OUTRAGEOUSLY Beautiful weather, That city has decided to spend a little money, and put some Pretty nice black top on the corner by P.J’s’ midway and PetroCan!! now for 8th ave  :wink: :sunglasses:

i doubt theyll do 8th east they gotta tear the whole street up with how many times watermains have busted here lol

Oh, I thought that they already did that two times in past two months…hehehe

no im on another part of 8th east not the part by mcbride we arent as bad as that section lol

HAHAHAHA then their you go :stuck_out_tongue: one day soon :stuck_out_tongue:

When our sewer backed up 2 years ago we found out that the manhole cover at the end of our driveway had been paved over.  The vacuum truck had to use the next one down the street.  But the best part of this?  The company that had paved over the manhole cover was “Adventure Paving” - lol - they’re an adventure alright!

I have also been enjoying seeing the damage increase to the boneheads around town that have body kits on their cars.  There’s one (a mitsubishi i think) that has huge tears all over the body kit - heh.

Yep, LOL, I have seen a couple :smiley:

I was pissed off when they blocked the pj’s area off.  If i knew what there were doing i would of been stoked.  I hated turner that corner

What bugs me to no end (and yes, I am very aware that this is childish on my part hehe) is if I am driving down 6th Ave East towards PJs and come up to the intersection of 6th Ave and Drydock Rd.  Some people that are coming up Drydock Rd and wanting to turn left onto 6th seem to think that if I am NOT signaling to turn onto Drydock then that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not going to turn onto it.  So then they decide to go - turning onto 6th right in front of me (because I’m actually going straight down 6th, as my lack of a signal light would indicate!) and then give ME the evil eye as though I was the one that didn’t know how to frickin’ drive.

Just because so many people in this town do not use their signal lights doesn’t mean that NONE of us do.  [/rant]

i get that a lot its like they forget you cab go straight there lol

Bahahah!  The funniest thing is that when they were working on the bridge and had it closed so that you COULDN’T go straight, the people turning from drydock onto 6th would come to a complete stop, look both ways, then go.  Only when there is no chance of a vehicle wanting to go straight did they actually pay attention.

Yeah, that IS hilarious! :unamused: