The return of Fry, Leela, Bender et al

Futurama is coming back with new episodes, 26 new shows for Comedy Central to begin in mid 2010… … returns_DW

YAAAAA!!! :smiley: :smiley:

AWESOME!!!  About time, too!! 

Everyone except my husband is very happy about this news. My hunny thinks we’re nuts to be such fans of the show but it’s great to see how the fans brought it back by getting into the movies as much as they did!

I’m sure if given enough time (and some forced viewing sessions, or re education as we prefer to call them) he’ll come along fine and join in on the salutations of renewal…

Despite the recent feature-length movies (45 minutes of Futurama stretched out to 90 minutes!), I really miss Futurama. 

I can tell how long ago it was on by kids’ reactions to my dog’s name. 

A few years ago: “Your dog is named Fry?  Like the guy on Futurama?”

Now: “Your dog is named Fry?  Because he looks like a fry?”

so is Fox still involved with this? there have been a few Fox Shows that have been axed to early.  :angry:

No, it’s to be aired on Comedy Central in the USA, I would imagine that the Comedy Network will pick it up in Canada, but nothing has been announced yet…

You may have to fina an alternative :wink: method of home delivery :smiley: