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This is pretty cool. This guy has simulated how a variety of old OSs restart. Click on one and try it out. :smile:

I feel like a Grade 1 computer nerd again…

It does take one back a bit. :smile:

[quote=“hitest”]This is pretty cool. This guy has simulated how a variety of old OSs restart. Click on one and try it out. :smile:[/quote]



windows ME WOOO HOOOOO!!! LOL[/quote]

Heh-heh, that made me chuckle as well. :smile:



windows ME WOOO HOOOOO!!! LOL[/quote]

Heh-heh, that made me chuckle as well. :smile:[/quote]

I just threw windows 2000 Pro on a vm on my new testing box ( ubuntu 11.10 server running virtual ) and it’s funny to see what i still remember about 2k.

My old souped up Amiga 1200 can still boot to a useable desktop in under 10 seconds. Good old days when the OS didn’t assume you HAD TO start absolutely everything all at once.

Spent over an hour yesterday on the phone. Safari had no address bar, etc. 15 mins. You can’t erase what’s in it. 5 more. When you type in the router IP and press Enter nothing happens 10 more. There is no Finder. There is no Dock. There is no face in the dock. There is no thing on the bottom when you roll your mouse over the icons get bigger. When I click this, my Safari disappears WTF is wrong with this thing.
He’s had it three years. He lives up the lake his wireless shot went out. So fucking cold I told the tech to take the week off, you can’t do outside work at -40.
Let’s get your dialup on so you have something another hour… there is no little phone icon Oh! There it is… it says no dial tone… number is repeat repeat repeat 5 mins to type in… user508… lower case, no space before number… password Tigger like Winnie The Pooh T-i-g-g-e-r. Doesn’t work…
No staff today. Had to bring the old lady from work her to hospital, migraine. Get to work he’s at the door all pissed it wasn’t open when the sign was. Brought his Mac and his modem - hands me his fucking ROUTER. Then he decides he will drive home and get it.
The guy lives 35 miles north of town and his Net is so important he’s gonna make two trips back and forth at -40!!!
I look in his settings. Username is way over to the right, 5 leading blank spaces. PLUS a space user 508.
Comes back with modem, we plug it and I fire up the dial in terminal to show him look this is how I CAN SEE YOU DIAL IN - THERE YOU ARE
Fix it. Dial in three times. Want to smack him in the head, he has no attention span won’t watch as I do it. Put the icons back on his dock. Show him how things don’t really disappear, you just clicked something else and it’s waiting in the dock… showed him his wireless that you click the SSID you wan’t not turn the fucking wifi on and off or make new networks that aren’t fucking there.
Hour later, he’s on the phone. Won’t work on the wireless.
You already fucking know that you drooling fool I want to scream, but calmly say "We set up the dialup, remember you just were here watching all that rigamarole? Does IT work?
Dunno haven’t tried…
TO make it worse, it’s a fucking lame-ass modem that won’t run thru a rural phone concentrator. It dials up, then never sends the username/[assword to radius… just like the useless PCI express Winmodems.
So he demands to go back to trying his wireless radio, here we go with the IP in the address bar. And we find problem number one: he just discovers the RETURN KEY for the very first time in his life… he was entering URLs and hitting SPACE
So now it’s over a hour trying to get him to type admin in the name space to log in. Admim, adhim, a dmm, no shit! Give up on the password, that’s just too fucking hard.
LISTEN CLOSELY. I cannot do anything from here. You cannot do anything from there. No service ppl are available until next week, no one can go on your roof and repoint your radio until it warms up anyway. It is UNFIXABLE AT THE MOMENT. UNTIL IT WARMS UP AND THERE IS STAFF.
[i]Well YOU should come after work and do it yourself. I paid $30 for this service and it’s out two days now… or hire someone. Right now.
I’m sorry, we’ll have a guy there Tuesday next week unless it stays this cold. Goodbye.
Ten minutes later as I’m coming out of the can I hear the answering machine:
So much for promises. I’ve been waiting for your call back and I see you can’t do that either…
I go out of the shop. Buy a coffee next door, have a smoke and walk back in. There’s the answering machine again
blah, blah… poor service… etc. etc.
The guy was in my shop this morning, not paying attention, as he listened to the mill supervisor say how they sent people home it was too cold to work…

Here’s a phone number, if you can get his guy hooked up to for dialup I will give you my Visa and you can put the amount he paid me onto his account as a credit. I DO NOT WANT HIM AS MY CUSTOMER ANYMORE

The Telus rep could not even find out about dialup accounts. They simply aren’t on their website anymore. They’re emailing me the info tomorrow…

Sorry Guys, the old lady’s got a migraine. Can’t vent on her.

Northern WISP and computer store and you CAN look inside the locker. $200K do I hear $200K? 200 200 200 200K anyone? Server rack parts in stock and half a dozen access points big contract customers 200 200 200 do I hear $210?

Best story ever, herbie! You have the patience of a saint. :smile:

No the best one was last week. I had ONE Auntie. She died suddenly so fast I drove to Vancouver, was a pallbearer next day and drove back.
A lady customer switched to Telus because I wasn’t available, the tech wasn’t good enough to talk to.
The morning I was back she brought her computer in because the Telus serve rep wanted her to reboot her computer and she just couldn’t do it.
I told her to come back in 20 minutes, handed her back the computer and charged her $35.
She called back 15 minutes later to thank me for fixing it and how much better Telus DSL was compared to our branded ADSL ( which is Telus resale… ).