The Pond/Coons match

I see on the Northern view website that Mr. Pond has been acclaimed as the Liberal candidate for the North coast in the spring provincial election, no doubt setting up the much anticipated contest between he and Mr. Coons. … 24664.html

So we need a nickname for the epic struggle, something along the lines of those famous boxing matches of long ago like the thriila in Manilla or the rumble in the jungle.

So shake the cobwebs out and throw a few ideas down for us here… 

And maybe give us the early betting lines on who you think is going to represent us when the election is over

Pond would be truly a disaster for the BC Liberals on the North Coast. And I thought Don Scott was seeking the nomination…  :confused:

Guess not.

The Mouth of the South vs The Voice of the People

Hey… I live in the south…  :imp:

Whats your point, Pond does not care for us in the North we are just part of his personal ladder. He wants to be close to Gordo on the hill. He want to be a politician since he screwed up every normal job he held.

Whoa… calm down… just being sarcastic.  :neutral_face:

I’m also a Rupertite (and soon to be former) living in GVRD who’s also displeased of Pond’s performance.

Anyway, I’m 99.9% sure Pond would be destroyed this May.

BTW, I’m amazed most people down in the Metro still believe Rupert is a boom town because of the container port.

I think they misheard “doom” as “boom” @___@

Pay perview this coming May: The Shallow Pond versus The Real Peopples Choice.

Deadly Poison Herb on Dry Pond vs. Porn Star Gary with the Mustache

Not quite all the people, though.


Mr. Coons does good work.  I’ll be supporting him in May. :sunglasses: 
Unfortunately for Mr. Pond he will be supporting the Liberal platform.  I’m quite enjoying the Olympic cost over run debacle down south as Gordo speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Mr. Pond will be speaking in favour of the slash and burn policies of the Liberals.  That is, Mr. Pond is in favour of cuts to health care and education.
Mr. Pond, you need to visit our public schools and see for yourself the crowded conditions and the lack of support for children with special needs.  With the closure of two schools education in Prince Rupert has suffered a significant setback.

Well I am betting that Herb will give Coons a good run for his money…

Still betting Coons will take it, but Herb is respected by many…

I like Herb as a person myself, but cannot vote for the Liberal Party…

The last round of mayor was enough for me…  He is a nice guy but shady

So I have been reading about Gordo and his Band of Merrymen, holding meeting on the Sat. so there will be no questions to answer regarding the Liberal Bullshit coming down the line regarding costs for the 2010 and giving the ok so Vancouver may borrow due to their sleezy ways of Gordo, Pond fits right in here maybe he can sign anywhere on the dotted line.

Herb will give a typical (shallow)Pond performance and when he loses Gordo will reward him with a position in Gov. where he can be one of Gordos official greeters

This is becoming like the Word Association thread–let’s see how long we can post ONLY ad hominem before someone accidentally makes a real argument against Herb Pond!

Shallow, shady, mouthpiece, dumb–those are some EXCELLENT points. Then again, I guess it wasn’t really a thread to discuss Pond at all, but a thread to decide what the upcoming political battle should be called here, so I guess the rules of normal debate need not really apply.


Hungry Man.



… was offer a huge assist from Nathan Cullen, our Member of Parliament.  Who, in case you forget, is a member of the NDP.