The places we go!

Sometimes it’s hard not to slip into the same old rut that everyone else is falling into… usually people set up a secure environment to protect themselves from uncomfortable situations… Like change…

We look for answers in the same circles and hope for different outcomes… All of our patterns are known and tested throughout time and every decision recorded in our minds. Yet, people still tend to trust the same old failing ways that got them lost in the first place…

Now, what ever path we take will lead us to many more avenues of choices that can make little changes or huge ones, that is up to you… What ever change we make adds to the outlook of what is possible good or bad… Even past failures can be pieces used for future success plans… Everything we do will guide us for the future, we are the ancestors telling us what worked or didn’t work in the past… We only have to look at ourselves and remember how we got here to see where we are heading…

Everything changes because that is how creation works, trying all possibilities to see what fits… Like a divine puzzle with infinite opportunities for every piece… Where ever we are at any given time was only a matter of our own choices and the path to our highest ideal is just a choice away… We chose the rode and we can make it a wonderful adventure or we can even enjoy a terrible reality of pain and suffering… The thing is, we make our own dream as we choose to live or die… We are the most interesting creatures created because we are never done… So who needs perfect when we are forever transforming to what ever we are, who ever we are… Where ever we are… When ever we are, and how ever we are…

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How are you today :smiling_imp: ???

He need his own unique rank mig, “Town Crier”

At the top of my lungs baby :smiling_imp:

Gabba Gabba HEY!

I totally understand what you’re saying…my outlook is very similiar to yours. I am impressed with your thoughts.

thanx :smiley:

I was thinking of my community when I wrote this and I wanted to make it more for the individual so I wrote it personally… Kind of ended up fitting everyone… Or at least I can speak for myself… :wink:

Your ideas intrigue me, sir, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

You’re kidding, right?

I’m sorry, Dave.

As far as quality of MIND goes, Words & Goobyli appear to have an irridesent quality. The arroma of spring lilac comes to mind. Refreshing!

How do you hide money from a hippy?

Put it under the soap.

gwar is awsome