The Parent from Hell

Well it can be pretty competitive on the old educational front, but somehow I think Mommy Dearest has missed the point of the formative years. … le1944001/

That kind of attitude and mindset toward the future is one of the reasons the social state of our world is in trouble. Elitism is an understandable human subconcious aspiration but if kids aren’t allowed to be kids, to play to and to experience irresponsibility and freedom it’s all for nothing anyway. :smile:

Psychologicallly, the human mind, in my opinion must experience freedom and irresponsibility during youth otherwise a constant rebellion against routine forms. I had a free childhood - I don’t mind sitting for hours upon hours learning and working to forward my life now. Had I not had such an innocent, free upbringing, I’d still be trying to attain a freedom of irresponsibility [irresponsibility to some degree].

That lady is nuts. Suing is typical in the USA in this day and age I “hear.”

I’m going to sue my mother for destroying any possible artistic career.
She destroyed (while screaming at me) my first two full-sized murals “Exercise in Ochre” and “Sunset in Sepia” that I had created with only the materials easily at hand. I was so psychologically devastated that to this day I can barely draw stick figures.
I remember clearly being forced to sit for hours on a toilet overhearing her shriek “How was my day? The little bastard dug shit out of his diaper and smeared it all over the walls! How the fuck do you think my day was?”

Well, I agree that she’s nuts, but she’s only trying to get her money back. She thought the preschool was one thing, and it turned out to be a different thing… so, she wants her money back.