The now famous Mig!

How we gonna keep him down on the fish farm,
Now that he’s been seen in the Combat Zone and at Fenway!

Live from the quaint fishing village in British Columbia, it’s the guy who stole the mayors name… … a_beating/

When is the local regatta anyways?

Congrats on your fame, I’m sure the book deal is just hours away!!

Famous, yeah right.

Here’s the paper in PDF format, for when that link expires:  (two pages)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

OK htmfers, here’s your challenge. Obviously with his newfound fame on the world wide web, Mig will soon be fielding a number of offers for the movie option of his life story.

The question this morning is; who should portray Mig in the big Screen epic Menino?

I’ll go with Sean Connery, as long a he gets rid of the beard. He might be a bit too tall, but he’s a strong man with a vision, much like our very own local celebrity!

I’ll have a beard in a couple of days…

LOL, ok then Sean can keep the beard!

Here’s my pick:

Here’s my pick:

Dude, I couldn’t help myself.  At least he has a lot of hair!  :smiley: