The new scam in town!

Just wanting to warn all Prince Rupert residents about a Native man in his mid to late 20’s going around impersonating a guy by the name of “Keith Atleo” from Ahousat saying that they have recently lost a family member and he needs money. He also goes by “Shawn Atleo”, “Shawn Robinson” and he sounds soooooo sincere. He has been going around to the hotels in town trying to get free hotel rooms saying the same about someone in his family dying. I have phoned the police but nothing can be done. This is just a warning to everyone here in Prince Rupert who might get conned like me. I found out his real name is “William Little”. Please be careful and pass on this information to all family and friends.Please read and pass on.

This guy attacked me because I wouldn’t give him money for alcohol.

Not to be rude or anything but how do you know that his name is William Little and that this is a scam? Did you give him any money as you say you were conned by him?

Yes, I think that people should be very cautious about sending chain letters about named individuals without being completely sure that they know what they are talking about.