The magic spray

So I’m watching the soccer match for a few minutes this aft, Canada vs Guadalupe, and a Guadalupian ?? trips over the Canadian defender, rolls around as though the snipers took him out from three directions and all that.

Anyways, as always the trainers and hangers on come out they spray about a ten gallons of some kind of spray mixture on the Guadalupians’ leg, do any of our soccer aficionados actually know what it is that is in this magical spray, you see it all the time from Europe and the in the World Cup, a few seconds as the magic spray is administered, the player is up an and back into action.

I would like some of this magic spray for home use if possible!

synthetic ice spray…an anesthetic

If they’re spraying him, then he’s really injured. If you’re faking it, the last thing you want is that spray, since it numbs you so you can barely feel anything. Sort of feels like your foot or leg is asleep.

Some tournaments and associations actually ban certain types of spray, because if it hurts too much to play, the last thing you should be doing is continuing to play.

cf. Kaká in the World Cup. Was injured, but played a couple of games anyway. Shouldn’t have, because he had to have an operation and sit out 8 months while recovering. And he still hasn’t fully recovered. Not bad for a player that cost his club $60 million. Boy were they pissed at the Brazil doctors for letting him keep playing when they knew he was injured.

I want some of that spray… That would be awesome!!!

I could live with a tingling back… :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too! I have been battling a ‘bad back’ on and off for the past forty years or so.
This spray must be a temporary relief, but is it available to us non athletes?
Even as a temporary analgesic it sure would be a welcome medication to a lot of
suffers like Bubbasteve and me.

I find the more I do, the better I feel the next day. But it’s torture during the actual activity, whatever it may be. Should be the opposite, you would think… But yea, a nice temporary numb feeling? Sounds amazing.