The Land of Trolls

What is an effective method of controlling and eliminating trolls?

Two ways:

  1. Do not reply (aka: Do not feed the troll)
  2. Make him cry (Not recommended)

OK for number 1.  easy enough.

As for number 2, you seem to be able to penetrate better than most.  A troll in question has responded with what I will call hurt-feelings when you engage.

I can’t tell if he’s trolling or not.

But if he’s really trolling, then you need to write something that’s worse than Wasteland posts. Because when he trolls he’s just looking for some amusement at the expense of other’s emotions and mental well being, so feeding trolls is very energy consuming.

Hence why #2 isn’t recommended for that; it’s only easy when the guy is actually serious and you don’t need to write something vicious.

I’m not condoning anybody to do that BTW, so best if you ignore the troll.

Here is a definition of how to be a troll.  There appears to be two sub-categories - that of being an attention-whore or of a post-whore.

Here’s what an author on the topic says:

There are several ways to be a troll. You can take many different angles, but ultimately the most important aspect to it is that you can piss as many people off as possible to the point that they can’t even just ignore you anymore. No this isn’t just going somewhere and spamming with a bunch of topics, or just posting the same thing over and over again. That is a method, but a fairly weak one. That is more aptly referred to as bombing.

Trolling on the other hand is well played jabs at other posters. Ones that will get other posters to even jump in and gang up on you. Trolls are attention whores really. Only difference between talking about themselves like most beauty queens and post whores do is that they intentionally try to piss you off instead of just being too stupid to realize that no one cares what they have to say.

some one…and i cant stress some one enough!!!

should pull a prank on AJ like what was done to kirpaul…

I love the the just kidding part!!!

Check it out.