The Health Minister fires back at Gary Coons

"I know Mr. Coons has been beaking-off in respect of this matter."
George Abbott, BC’s Minister of Health taking exception to recent comments from the MLA for the North Coast.

The health care situation in Stewart finally produced some comments from the BC Liberals this week, but little in the way of a reolution, as the BC Health Minister George Abbott fired back at Gary Coons over his recent questions about health care in rural areas.

With Stewart’s hospital facing a crisis situation in providing health care these days, Abbot claims that his Ministry is doing much work to “mitigate” the situation, though his words are probably cold comfort for the folks of Stewart who must be wondering if there is much of a future for health care in their community.

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What is happening in Stewart and is happening else where in the North and especially in The Rinse, we are in need of doctors we need treatment, detox, proper people to see in regards to addiction. Yes we have one or two maybe three if we move the office equipment around but no one is consistent. There will be a greater need soon with all those young individules who are going to be stung out from that shit coke and crack. I take my hat off to the people who try and meet the needs but their so called higher ups have no clue as to the real situation at hand. When we have a note on some clinic wall saying that all other patients will have to find another doctor because the only doctor there will be only addressing cancer patients. Excuse me Mr. Abbott would you mind coming to our region and staying for a short while so you may experience what Mr. Coons is trying to say.