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No Campaign Limits?

In a ruling that has overwhelming implications for how elections are funded, the Supreme Court has struck down a key campaign-finance restriction that prevents corporations and unions from pouring money into political ads. In a 5-4 ruling, in the Citizens United v. FEC case, the door is now wide open for unrestricted amounts of corporate money to flow into American politics.

The Republican-appointed right-wing five members of the court explicitly said that corporations are “persons” under the law, and thus entitled to Constitutional rights just like the Founders fought and died to give to you and me.

The four dissenters pointed out that corporations will now own politicians, will dominate our politics, and that democracy itself is now at risk. Benito Mussolini invented a new form of government where corporations ran the government - he called it “fascism.” Welcome to Mussolini’s America.

Thom Hartmann

Yes.  I read that as well.  An interesting decision indeed.  The right-wing weenies need to do catch up with Obama in the the good ol USA come 2012.  Obama re-wrote the book on how to raise campaign funds; he clobbered the GOP raising an insane amount of money.

They’re already running that campaign by spinning everything Obama does. Now with Ted Kennedy’s seat gone to the republicans we’re seeing the results of all that spinning. I wonder if Obama will step up and take back the people’s government.

Bah…the GOP won a seat.  They are spinning this as the end of the Democrats.  The Democrats still have a majority.  Don’t worry.  The GOP needs a very strong player to take out Obama in 2012.  

Do you think they’d dare run Palin again?

Heh-heh, I hope they do, but the Dems won’t be that lucky.  Palin is a light-weight compared to Obama.  I have no idea who the GOP candidate will be.  Hopefully they will pick another geriatric warhorse.  :smile:

Lol they’re all the same anyways. Big fat cats with lots of fricken money. Doesn’t matter which party they’re in. It’s like the WWE except with politicians instead of wrestlers. The different parties only give the ILLUSION of choice. And I won’t get all riled up by this thread I promise… LOL

Olbermann weighed in on the topic today on his countdown show. … olbermann/

Speaking of counting, can anyone explain to me why, with the Democrats still holding a rather large majority in the senate,they’re acting as though they just lost a minority government vote on this goofy Kennedy replacement election?

I mean they lost one seat, still if they wanted they could push through the health care bill, and there was madam Pelosi going on about having to step back now and seek a compromise. I don’t quite get it.

Exactly.  They have the seats to push through the legislation they want.  The Dems just need to start behaving like Dubya did when he held all the cards.  Pass the the health care reform bill for working Americans.  It is all political postering.

I am not exactly sure of the whole thing, but the democrats had a 60% majority which allows them to bring in closure on filibuster attempts in the senate.  With the loss they no longer have the super majority. 

Their true colours…
They have killed America.

Yeah…hundreds of millions, maybe a billion will be spent on the 2012 campaign.  It will be nuts.

No more jokes calling it Jesusland. The new name should be Ferenginar".