The Gayest Music of All Time

Speaking of gay music…

They asked this question on last week’s episode, so I thought I would pose it here:

what is the gayest song of all time?

My vote is for “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat.  Pretty cool song back then.

The Sound of Music Soundtrack.

Every Abba song…ever.

I was going to go with something from Bronski Beat too, but MiG Jumped on that already.

“Relax” from Frankie Goes To Hollywood
"We Are The Champions" from Queen 

Are those gay enough for ya?

‘I Ran’ - by Flock of Seagulls. 

how can you forget erasure or the pet shop boys…they should have called themselves the spice boys.

Well, it’s on CBC radio right now.

George Michael is on.

Sandra Oh isn’t so great on the radio.  But the music is great.

Now she’s playing Queen, and ABBA, and Erasure.  Man, I have some Erasure CDs somewhere.

Did I call that or what  :laughing:

Well never went and saw ABBA but would have liked to but from what i heard from somebody who went and is in the older genration and took a young person it was worth the money and was really enjoyable

Anything by Billy Joel…

how about anything by nickelback, good charlotte, or slipnot. 

i have always hated all his stuff

SO EASY… this is for sure Jimmy Somerville… he rocks… and I’m a woman… so you’d think I’d choose, Melissa Etheridge, or Kd Lang… but nope… it’s Jimmy Somerville… he’s SO the gayest singer ever… puts Boy George and George Michael to shame. Whenever I hear him i’m reminded of dancing at Celebrities in Vancouver, or Rumors (now Prism) in Victoria. Good times, good times.