The Gallows Tree

Just letting most of you other rupert residents know that a local band called Gallows Tree(the Skids)Chris Marcinkiewicz, Adrian Byrnes, Ian Urbanski, Eric Speaker and Jamie Prystay has put out their cd, and its looking and sounding awesome, there only 10 bucks, to support a local band looking for a break. Cds will be available either at teddy’s or contact Chris or Jamie

That’s cool!

Chris Marcinkiewicz is my hero!

Why did they change their name?

Hmm… I’m thinkin’ I should buy one.

i dont think they changed the name, the album is ‘the gallows tree’… from the skids.

or something like that.

Are you sure? I think they changed their name.

I just got it at Teddy’s ( not $10 but $15.95).

Good stuff. Prystay has a good voice. I like # 1 (Took her anyway) an # 3 (Lit Match) a lot. # 8 ( Damage Done) is also pretty good.

I think they changed their name. The music and the album is produced by “The Gallows Tree”. I think the album title is “…from the skids”