The "Dog House" has been sold

And is moving to Vanderhoof to sell pies. :angry:  I enjoyed that place at events and such during the summer.  It was a great place to stop to get lunch on work days too.  Booo… :neutral_face:

meh it was rarely open when i wanted to go there

I heard that if was bought by Kitkatla with some Chinese partners.

Yeah, I agree decker. Everytime I wanted to try it out, it was closed also but still that is too bad !  I heard that the dogs and burgs were good and it was good for the “terrorists” when they visited  :smiley:  Let’s hope they replace it with something else for the summer months at least! Good Luck to them though.

LOL, no doubt awaiting the resolution of Watson Island court proceedings before the deal closes.

Though on a more serious line, you know your economy is in the tank when a guy with such high overhead as hot dogs and buns has to relocate out of town.

What is the doghouse?

A mobile hot dog hut on third avenue kitty corner to Shoppers Drug Mart

Now…when the citizens of a City cannot even afford to patronize a hotdog stand, it’s a good sign that it is itself in the “Dog House”

Rupert in the Doghouse,  maybe I picked the wrong time to start my own business.  Lol.

Seems like something closes down every week here.  We really lack options in the way of eating out and shopping.  Why aren’t there more chains in Prince Rupert?  McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s and Shoppers are always busy.  In terms of shopping, there really isn’t a lot to buy here.  Where, besides Zellers are we supposed to purchase men, women, and kids clothing and shoes?  Are we just expected to do our shopping online and let the money leave the community?

I think its the property that’s for sale not the dog house.

I also haven’t ever seen the Dog House open.

People need to be willing to shop at more than just (cheap/low quality) chain stores to make this a thriving community for shopping.

There are few clothing stores for men and women (just young men and women?) and children in town besides Zellers and while their quality is better, they’re also more expensive. I’d rather have better quality clothing and less of it than the opposite.

Higher quality chain stores do exist.

Maybe for some age groups there is a bit in the way of clothing but for others, there is nothing.  For example, say a 40-50 something women was looking for a dress to wear – not something as fancy as what Anna’s Bridal offers but definitely not as junky as Zellers.  You really can’t find anything like that in Rupert.

there’s Mark’s work wearhouse, Wearhouse one, Reitmans, Bargain shop, slickers, Farwest, + the clothing shops on 3rd. Not a bad selection overall.

Last I checked Marks does not sell womens’ dresses, Warehouse One is great for teens and fellas, Reitmans is good if you don’t happen to need tall size  :imp:, Bargain Shop is crap clothing, Slickers, Farwest and the “hoodie” boutiques on 3rd., very expensive and if you are in your 50’s  :confused:, not the right fashion statement !  There is always Sears though.

Mark’s sells dresses.  I’ve bought a couple there. And they’re great.  And as far as if/where the dog house is being sold and where it is going to, the above details I posted cannot be argued, because I talked to the buyer, who has already bought it.

Which I think is great if one who shops there is able to return and return and return items like the Ever ready bunny. :imp:

I totally agree with you codybear933.

Even if Marks does sell dresses, they probably have about 3 or 4 different styles.  Is every woman in Rupert supposed to wear the same dress?  I really hate going someplace and finding out that somebody has worn the exact same thing as me.

Reitmans is actually not bad but the sizes don’t fit a lot of women.

Warehouse One clothing is maybe one tiny step above Zellers.

Everytime I order something from the Sears Catalogue, I’m disappointed.  The clothes always look better in the Catalogue.  I also wonder how much profit the Sears store in town actually makes?  Are they just a ‘middle man’?

It’s amazing.  How did we go from Hot Dogs to Women’s clothing in the span of so few postings   :astonished:
Let’s forget about all of this and lets play “Where is this” #27

While we’re off track I have to say I found cargo pants at WalMart for $14.
Not $69 like at Mark’s.
So the crotch completely blew out in four hours, I saved $55. What a deal !!!