The Daily News fumbles the news, again

Remember when you called the Extra Foods workers a “bunch of selfish pricks” ?  That was awesome.  What’s your name again, Mr. Non-anonymous?  Just for the record, so we know who said that.

Speaking of the daily news…what the hell goes on with the paper…no paper on Friday at our place,so tried to find one in the boxes,tried all over town,NO PAPERS,what gives? Either deliver,fill the boxes or get the hell out of town,you piss me off!!

bubba says write them a letter, but heck you just saved yourself a stamp!

It’s a great question Decker. You are bang on.

I think the only way they will get that push is if the biz community realizes their work and gets really behind them. So, tell your boss that you are reading the View and that they got to start advertising there. That would help.

There are other ways, as well. Mainly, if you have a news tip, slide it along to the View. I know if they hear word about what is going on, they will be on the scene right away. I did it once and Thomas was there, no question. That is a man who cares deeply about our community. Not just another stop in a mediocre news career.

As for you Podunkian, be a turncoat. Whatever. I read that fire story. How is that news, exactly? The N BC Games were in town, and this fire story gets page 2? The fire story was, oh, say 500 words too long. Meanwhile, on Thursday the wrestlers were getting weighed. No mention?

Saltybear, why would you cry over spilled ink? You didn’t get the paper? So what? It will only be the news from the week before.

I know if we hackingthemainframe types get together we can push this issue. Believe, folks. Believe!

Don’t gang up on me please but doesn’t The View essentially copy the news from the Snooze, only a week later as well as some news from Terrace and area? I do like The View though, more than the Snooze, just wish it would be delivered more often :unamused:, like weekly !

have you not noticed most newsworthy stories are on the northern view online before the daily news ?

Turncoat? You were offering an opinion as though it were mine, thought perhaps I would clarify the record. Geez you try to add a bit of balance to a rant, all I said is that some of the coverage is ok, if they provided more of that kind of reporting and less of the goofy fluff stuff then this thread would have a lot less material to talk about

Well actually the Northern View frequently beats the Daily to stories by publishing them online as they happen so your theory is wrong there.

They have at least figured out that a website is something that can be an added benefit to their paper and not something that need be feared

lol…QFT.  :smile:

No need to fear, Codybear. We won’t gang up on you.

Yes, the online presence of the Snooze is crap. I know that Black Press pretty much centralizes their stuff from wherever the centralize it from, but come on. We people on the 'net will not pay for the free info we can get (though I am scared. The NY Times looks like it will be putting a kibosh on their free view).

Podunkian, you have to stay with us. We can push George T. out if we try.

What do you have against the Daily, and moreover against Baker? You can disagree with what they print all you want, but why would you wish people out of a job? You don’t have to pay for the paper, or read the free edition. It seems like you have a dog in this fight you’re not mentioning.

All right, all right, that’s it, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I feel like I need to just once, say this, and be done with it.

So this will be the only post I ever put here on htmf just because I’m just not really into this, and honestly believe I have more pressing concerns in life than what people think about me, the editorial staff, or the Daily News in general.

But hey, maybe one post in 10 years will work. I don’t know, but I’ll try it. You all know who I am and where I work, so if you wish to discuss this further, feel free to call.

So I digress. But here it goes.

I’m not about to defend anyone or anything in this (although I might in passing), but I will try to point out a couple of obvious points that people have missed in this thread, especially since the topic of the Northern B.C. Winter Games, something I have covered 24/7 this weekend, and would again in a heartbeat, has come up.

No. 1: This whole thread started because we were accused of not having anything about the Northern B.C. Winter Games on the front in Friday’s paper, aside from a photo.

Well, excuuuuuuuuse me. We have run previews of the event until we’re blue in the face (which of course is a good thing), and in fact, had a two-page spread in Wednesday’s paper, plus a full two-day preview last week (Thurs & Fri) in the sports pages. Sport per sport I might add, and no other publication PERIOD in town (or in northern B.C.) had anything close. Running yet another preview Friday would’ve been overkill, since a) the Games were already underway and b) no sporting events (nor the opening ceremonies) took place Thursday night. All that happened Thursday were the athletes arriving, and the wrestling weigh-in, which we had in our paper as a front-page photo. Period.

No. 2: front page stories. Should something else have gone on the front? Maybe, maybe not, but have you ever heard the term “slow news day?” I would argue that every paper earlier in the week had a very strong front page story, and it seems ironic that the only time that someone would freak out was when the day was rather lax. Fair enough, fair criticism, but sometimes the juicy news story just ain’t there. And every paper from here to Beijing has slow news days. Yep, even in Rupert, sometimes it’s just slow. Hard to believe, hm?

No. 3: There are not a lot of people in this province, never mind in this town, that could pull off what the reporters at this paper are asked to do on a daily basis. We have to write 3 stories a day, per average, and sometimes more if there’s a breaking story. That’s 3 stories, including interviews from both sides, transcribing those interviews, writing the stories, etc. Province/Vancouver Sun reporters write one story a day. I would love to have a full day (or better yet, a full week) to do all the research, interviews, etc, but we just don’t have that luxury. And really, anyone can take a press release and just print it verbatim and add a cute little opening paragraph to it, but we won’t do that here, so thus, even less time.
But do we mind that? Of course not - that’s what we’re paid to do, so we do it, even though like referees, the only time we hear from the public is when we do something wrong. We never get any kudos for doing anything right, but that goes with the territory. So like a businessman who can have a crappy day, or even a Roberto Luongo who has an off-night, we too can off days where we miss the mark or write a rather irreverent story, or whatever, just as easily as we can write a great story. That’s life … but again, I wonder how many people here online, or better yet, any reporter in this province who could pull it off. It’s not easy, and yet, that’s what keeps it challenging, so we keep doing it. And for me, since I love sports, I love doing it, regardless how often I am perceived as having “shit the bed.”

So to conclude, of course it’s easy to criticize when any man or his dog can quickly post something like this online in five minutes or less (I know, I know, calling the kettle black), and not have to worry about having to first interview both sides, edit it, and then ponder whether or not it should be pushed to the front of a thread or not (or put it on the front page of our newspaper). You get my point?

And Decker, if you’re so sad about missing all that Northern B.C. Games action, you will have to wall-to-wall coverage over the next three days, including stories, photos, interviews (and you may actually have to turn a page or two to get there) … or you can just tune in with the other “more relaxed” publications that are available around here, and read the pasted press releases they provide you with. Enjoy.

Poke a bear and a bear will growl!

I don’t get it.  Was that supposed to be George posting?  Or the editor guy?  I thought George was “huh?” or was “Huh?” the editor?  I’m confused by all these Daily News people.

Can someone let me know who is who?

Obviously, he was talking about sports… who do you think it was? :unamused:

Huh seems to hate the Daily–I don’t think he or she is a staff member there. George doesn’t post here anymore because of conflicting interests, iirc. Spotrs Guy is probably Patrick Witwiki (I’m sure I’m spelling that wrong.) Other than him, I don’t think anyone on the Daily News team is posting here, and I think sports guy means to make his first post his last.


Isn’t Witwicki that kid from the Transformer movies?

Photoguy and Sports guy… good to know we have very original and creative people involved in our darling city’s newspaper. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I had no idea photoguy was a Daily News dude–I thought he was just a wolf enthusiast like Astro.