The Daily News fumbles the news, again

So the Northern BC Winter Games are underway, though you wouldn’t know it by the Daily news coverage.

On the front page yesterday the games which have brought hundreds if not thousands of visitors to town gets a small little picture on the front and an item about two wrestling coaches buried deep in the back of the paper, while back on the front page the main story is about the Crest Hotel and its menu items.

Priorities I guess, wouldn’t want to have the Friday paper feature items about an event taking place that weekend, possibly able to sell hundreds of copies to visiting participants, that might make some business sense, not to mention reflect what’s happening in town at the moment. 

They do make you wonder sometimes.

its the free paper on friday they are more worried about the flyers then

Wondering how many freebies PRDN gets for the ‘free advertising’ for the Crest. Where do other businesses in town sign up to get front page coverage?

Bribes might be in order.  :imp:

That’s what happens when you get George T. running the news. Not a word of anything newsworthy in the paper. Seems like its more of that city-spin he puts into it. He’s trying to make us happy, when we want the news.

It must smell like roses up his butt. He’s got his head stuck up it enough. Or maybe it’s the Crest management’s.

The crucial news of the day was definitely the N BC Games, and he just doesn’t get it. He regurgitates what the mustache told him and barfed it all over the bottom half of that front page.

Can we not just get rid of the paper and rely simply on the Northern View and the CFTK TV?  That to me is where we get our BIG info. None of that crappy, pathetic, George T. city spin stuff. Let’s see if we can send him back to Vancouver on that donkey cart he rolled into town on.

I would like Darcy McGee to run the paper, if we are forced to keep it.

Ah, no amount of flattery will get George to start posting on HTMF again :smile:

Well, not using his real name anyway…

Am I under the misimpression that reporters are assigned their stories for the paper or is that old school? and not that George needs any defending but I think he does a good and fair job and the story regarding the fire was well done indeed.  I was not living in Rupert at the time and was unaware of what had happened then. Very sad but the piece was tasteful and compassionate.  Besides, how can you blame George for it all, aren’t there other reporters there? Just a sidenote but how come they don’t put the classifieds on the website, maybe I would be able to read them easier  :unamused:

Was there not a couple of suspects in regards to that terrible fire, I believe one is still in town and I see that individule around just about everyday of the week. It was a very sad thing which happened to our community. We could put together a few terrible events which have gone down, I am sure.

i think in big cities they assign stories. from what i can tell baker is the “serious” news guy witwitki or w/e lol does sports and the other lady reporter does fluff

Well maybe in the big cities, here I suspect it’s a tad more evenly divided, Moncia Lamb Yorski covers city hall most times, though judging by what they feed us of late down on Third Avenue I guess that could be fluff.

Your theory falls apart with yesterday’s story though, as try as we might, the idea of the Crest’s French cuisine menu isn’t exactly serious news, unless someone gets sick I guess.  

hence the quotation marks lol

So true.

Codybear, you can try to defend him all you want, but at the end of the day, our city deserves hard, real news reporter. George T. doesn’t cut it. He has never once covered a serious news story. Not once.

If Baker were a “serious” reporter, we wouldn’t even see french cuisine on the front page. heck, he wouldn’t have even covered the damn thing. But, no. He keeps putting that city positive spin on things, and it is troubling.

I like that Lamb Chops is at city hall. At least we get some coverage. George T. was a disaster as a city hall reporter. He completely gaffed on that Herb Pond/Gord Howie story. As far as I can tell, Herb had done a wonderful job as Mayor and this “serious” news reporter slugged him with his ridiculous stories. Plus, now we are stuck with Ashley and Garon in council, when they are obviously incapable of bringing real change to the chamber. Who would have known about Ashley if it weren’t for the meandering reporting of that “serious” news reporter.

I also have it on good sources that the reporters at the Snooze get to pick their stories. So, what is an editor supposed to do? These poor souls work five days per week, and many, many hours. They kind of get stuck with whatever stories they get handed to them. My heart goes out her. If she still had Schumacher – who I respected the hell out of, Baker, if you are reading this – then she would actually have a serious news reporter.

Like I said, and I think Podunkian and Decker agree, he  should leave that job to professionals.

Not that it matters, but I think we are seeing the final days of the Snooze. The other media in this town – not to mention the Podunkian’s excellent blog – are doing superior work and they don’t cost us a cent. Keep it up guys!

yea i wonder what the northern view can do to get that next push to get the daily news out of here. sure they are a part of our towns history. but i think the daily news is history.

maybe can btraveen can help out the northern view he seems to have the skills to research better than the daily news lol

i’d love to read about the canucks or the odd basketball team in a local paper too. stories about the lowermainland , vancouver island instead of what kids in our schools our doing. daily news is a school newspaper basically

What I like about this thread is that Baker gets slagged, and the editor gets a free pass.

Er, thanks for the props, but as  for speaking for me,  perhaps a wee step back when divining my opine please.

While ole Baker and I have had some interesting exchanges in the past, (the ole accusation that all I do is sit by a computer sipping on a slushie comes to mind, not a big fan of slushies there George T.), I can’t say that I’ve ever suggested he’s a bad journalist.

There have been stories where he’s handled the information and delivered a story that’s very informative and well put together (the one about the brooksbank fire for instance), there have been of course times where he’s kind of missed the boat as well.

There are other things he and I have been at odds about as far as the state of journalism in this town and in general are concerned, but hey, he’s entitled to pursue his craft and let his body of work speak for itself, the good and the bad.

At any rate, he’s better than more than a few that have passed our way, not so good as others that have left here for a variety of reasons.

The problems with the Daily News approach to news gathering and priorities surely run deeper than the reporters bench.

If you all have such a problem with the daily news, then why haven’t any of you written the owners of the paper at all??? Don’t you think that they might be able to make a better call and fix things? The problem is, you’d all rather sit on here behind your computers with your anonymity and bitch about things. Heaven forbid you’d get out there and have some sort of voice.

Why do I feel a strong sense of deja vu???

because they don’t care thats why

They should be thankful that people still give a rats ass about what they put out.

The other option is that everyone stops caring, stops buying the paper, stops reading the ads, thus don’t buy the products that keep the paper alive, and thus the paper closes throwing how many out of work?

So hey if we take your advice, the folks that lose their jobs will no doubt thank you for your help from the sidelines.

I’d rather at least know what people think and maybe try to fix it, than have people vote with their wallets in silence.

Aren’t anonymous sources a big part of the newspaper business?