The Daily errors of the Daily News

Time for everyone’s favourite game show.

From Friday’s paper, right there on page one.

“I think Prince Rupert should take pride in the fact that we rank as one of the most friendly and hospital ports anywhere on the West Coast, as shown through out exit surveys and independent surveys,â€

There are always so many grammatical and sentence structure errors in our Daily News, it is hard to pick just one!!  But I do like having a Daily paper to “read”, no matter how small or error-ridden it is!  Makes me feel like I am in the BIG CITY!!


they listed her age as 55 when actually shes 53

This is from the Thursday, May 20, 2010 article about the landfill:

Page 12  Thursday, October 1, 2009

“Prince Rupert’s is considered a medium sized landfill, with 22,493.75 kg of waste arriving at the site in 2009.”

So a community of about 12,000 produces less than 2 kg of waste per person a year.

Then there’s the ashuary from may 19. 2010…

I’m convinced that Ajaye is moonlighting there as a writer and editor. And if he’s not, maybe he should.

LOL, George that you George, clever disguise it is!

Article on literacy with at least three errors

Must be something about Friday papers at the Daily News, they must want to get out of the office really, really fast.

From Friday’s headline, at least they fixed it on their online version

“City taking getting closer to property maintenance bylaw”

Paper taking getting closer to proofreading before publishing :imp: