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In boxing terms it’s known as the “rope a dopeâ€

I think that Nathan will be re-elected quite easily.

I think that Nathan will be re-elected quite easily. [/quote]

It certainly is his to lose - it will take all of his supporters to actually get out and VOTE for him to win.

He has tremendous support, but the Conservatives have a real appetite for this riding and are coming hard after him!

In many ways our country may not look like a democracy - but when it comes to elections, don’t count your ballots til they’ve been cast!

Anyone on here who wants Nathan re-elected - how about voting at the advanced polls so you can help get the vote out on Election Day, Oct 14!!

Well I don’t know if it will be as easy as you suggest, but the Conservatives certainly aren’t doing themselves any favors with their apparent reticence in debating the issues.

It will be interesting to see how the vote splits on voting day, if the Conservatives lose because west of Terrace chose not to support them, who will they have to blame but themselves…

While this is certainly not prime Conservative territory, we’ll never know their thoughts on local issues if Mrs. Smith won’t spend more than a few minutes of hand shaking at Tim Hortons’ with us… and hey what about the Starbuck vote or the Papa Jazzy contingent was she only a TH delegate?  :stuck_out_tongue: