Thanks, tcachers!

Don’t you just love it when something meant to celebrate education comes out looking stupid?

Check out today’s Daily Snooze. There is an ad, placed by School District #52 on page 5 recognizing World Teachers’ Day - and it has two errors!

The first error is the apostrophe should be after the ‘s’ in Teachers, not before it. Putting the apostrophe before the ‘s’ makes it one particular teacher’s day. The second one is in the second paragraph, where the district says it wants to “acknowledge the excellent work that tcachers in our district do . . .” Teacher is spelled with with a ‘c’ where the ‘a’ should be.

I guess district staff skipped a few classes!

O well. Its the thawt thet counz.

Budget cuts! 

Teacher is spelled with a ‘c’ where the ‘e’ should be.

No, they changed it to tccchers last month, where were you?

My bad!  :wink:

My inside sources tell me the paper missed it on spell check not the poor skool (haha) district.

Nothing surprising…