Test post... server stuff

This is a … testing a new server…

Loud and clear
And I’ll keep typing to enter more than 20 characters.:sunglasses:

Oh sorry, I meant to delete this :slight_smile:

Moved servers today. From a Ubuntu 14.04 server to 18.04 server.

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4 years ago I could build or upgrade a server with the phone constantly ringing and people walking into the back room to interrupt me every 3 minutes.
Now if I go to the store for milk and toilet paper, I come home without the milk…

Well to be fair, this was my third attempt at moving it :slight_smile:

It’s not too hard because it’s a docker image, but since I skipped Ubuntu 16.04, the underlying stuff was all different.

And I’m still having database issues that I can’t figure out.

My issue is that I can’t really do more than 20 minutes of work at a time at home, before some kid interrupts me :slight_smile:

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Today marks the birthday of one of our favourite operating systems.!
27 years old.

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Another test post…

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