Test -- please reply

Hey, please reply to this, I need to test something.

Hmm… seems faster, but I dunno if it’s working for everybody.  So first person to read this, please reply.

I seeeeeeeeeee you

Man you wouldn’t believe what it took to get this last little bit working.

My brain is on fire.  Does this server seem faster?

Seems the same to me… but that doesn’t mean much… I only play a rocket scientist on tv.

Definitely faster for me. Whatever you did, good job :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I agree, it’s much faster.

It’s exactly the same for me.

Browsing forward is quick as can be (as should be expected, seeing how close (both geographically and network logically I am to the server).

However, if I’m reading a thread, as I am now, and I click on the hackingthemainframe.com banner at the top, or my quicklinkbar HTMF button to return to the front page (I don’t like to just hit “back”, because what if someone has posted something in the interim?), it takes a good 5-10 seconds. Before my browser leaves the page I’m on to display the front page.

Yes, the front page is the slowest part, because it has to do a bunch of things:  look at all the posts, decide which are the newest, and put them in the “Recent topics” list.  Find out who is online and put that in the “Users Online” list.  Then it has to go read 4 random blogs at the bottom and see if they have anything new on them.

What I did on the previous HTMF was that I “cached” the front page.  So it only generated this stuff every few minutes, instead of on each load.  Perhaps I have to do the same thing again.  The downside is that the front page will always be behind reality.  But then again, HTMF is always just behind reality.

Almost instantaneous when switching from front page to any other page. It’s purdy fast  :smiley:

Ok, added some code to cache the front page, should be faster now, but not update as often.

Seems faster here.

Yeah it’s totally fast. Takes about one second to open the front page  :astonished:

meh its bout the same…