Test Forum -- reply here

Just a test forum to test replies.

Please reply to this post to see if it works.

Yup, I see it. Getting used to the new layout.


this is a test

blah blah blah

Test after first post moderation.

Ok that seems to work. The first post will be held in moderation queue, but after that, people can just post.

You can also reply to just one post, or the whole thread. This is a reply to a post. So it should show up under that post.

i like the different options like the like…lol…


I didn’t even see that heart thing :slight_smile:

I need to tweak to anti-spam settings a bit. Astro, can you see if you can start a new topic? I know a brand new user can’t, but you should be able to.

Looks fine to me. I like the new look

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I like the little notification that shows up about new posts. :sunglasses:

Ok, glad to see that people are able to login again.

I was worried, as it couldn’t copy the passwords (one-way encryption).

However, new users can now create accounts using their e-mail, Facebook, twitter, google, even yahoo.

Ah ok, I figured out how to quote too, hitest. You highlight what you want to quote before pressing the reply button?

lol, autocorrect changed ‘hitest’ to ‘whitest’

LOL. Thanks, that’s another way to quote a reply. :sunglasses:

I like the “quote reply” feature…

Looks good. Tapatalk doesn’t work anymore but I prefer the mobile look anyhow.

Yeah the problem with tapatalk is that you had to install a separate app, and then it was the “middleman” for the site. Some people kept complaining to me that they couldn’t install it, it wasn’t in their App Store, etc.

This new software is very mobile-friendly and easier to work with.

Here’s another test. The spoiler tag.

Works like this:

[spoiler]Hello this is a spoiler[/spoiler]

And this is the result:

Hello this is a spoiler

I really like the new look and the colourful category headers. :smile:

I’m awesome. Praise Me.

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