Terry O'Reilly on the Sound of Young America

Terry O’Reilly from The Age of Persuasion is the guest on my other favourite podcast this week, The Sound of Young America:


I love the Age of Persuasion.  I’m downloading the podcast now.  Is it worthwhile subscribing to the Young America podcast?

is that the same terry o’reilly from the NHL known as the tazmanian devil?

Nope, I’m pretty sure this Terry O’Reilly has always been an adman.  Although it would be pretty cool if it was the same one.

“The Sound of Young America” is pretty awesome, I think, as is Jesse’s other Podcast, “Jordan, Jesse, Go!”

Both at maximumfun.org/listen.htm

Oh, and Age of Persuasion Podcastthemainframe.ca/2008/03/05/age-o … n-podcast/