Terrible tire warranty

This happened to a Prince Rupert man.

Good for him for making it public. That way everyone gains awareness.

A long time ago, I went through something similar with a tire in Terrace. I wasn’t satisfied either, but I took the small claims approach. I thought that if I could just talk to a judge and explain things, I’d win, no problem.

I went through the whole process of filing a claim, etc. The court employees helped me fill in the paperwork (it’s easier than you think), and even told me how to serve papers, and how to keep it all legal and documented.

And the Big Corporation still denied me. So there was a court date set.

5 minutes before the case was heard, they backed down and offered a “settlement” which, unfortunately, included a non-disclosure agreement.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have taken the offer, and gone to court. Then it would have all been public. I guess Big Corporation knew it would lose, and knew that it would be a public fact.

That’s what is great about this guy’s story. He went public with it, and hopefully helped expose some of the bullshit in the tire retail industry.

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Exactly! Very happy to hear that the story was on CBC radio this morning. Bloody crooks!