Terrace take down has a Rupert connection

The Terrace RCMP arrested five Lower mainland residents Monday, as the group travelling in two separate cars arrived on the outskirts of the city. In a scene that must have looked like many a Hollywood movie over the last number of decades, the Terrace RCMP prepared to take down a band of hombres heading out of Rupert on the only road east.

Terrace RCMP had set up a roadblock just west of the city, after information from the Prince Rupert RCMP led them to believe that the five were soon to arrive in their community. The notice to the Terrace RCMP went out after the Rupert RCMP determined that the five were alleged to have broken into 37 lockers at the you-store-it company in Prince Rupert. The five apparently did not find what they were looking for as nothing was actually taken as a result of the break in…

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Where is the you-store-it in Prince Rupert?

Not sure, but I think that its one of the freight yards in town, where you can rent wharehouse space, trailers and such to keep your stuff in…

Don’t know where it is though, imagine they must advertise someplace, if I come across and ad or more info I’ll post it here