Terrace/Kitimat Airshow

Just wondering if anyone knows what time it begins, what it costs and what is supposed to be there… I might have to bail from the office early and drive up if it’s before 6:00PM.

Gates open at 3 pm, show starts at 6pm. It doesn’t look that great though, go to www.terracestandard.com and you’ll see some more info about the shoe. An A-10 thunderbolt, and some little boring stunt planes.

The tickets are 12 bones in advance, 15 at the gate

Landon, make plans next year to go to Oshkosh. Best… Aviation… Event… Ever…

I might do that. I’ve been to Comox and Abbotsford airshows in the past. They’ve all been better than the one I watched in Terrace a few years ago. Oshkosh as in maritime Oshkosh?

Abbotsford has a kickin’ air show.

We should totally go golfing Eese… But yeah, I guess I’m off to the airshow here. I need to pickup some 4guage power cable and a power distribution block for my new amp in Terrace anyway…

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

So yeah… the airshow wasn’t that bad, Infact, the Yak-11 was pretty cool. There had their pyrotechnics again for the A-10 and the Yak… kind alit the field on fire for a while, but it was a nice effect. I remember last time they didn’t do it right and just let all the explosions go off after the show. But yeah,. the A-10 is prety cool. Not very kick-ass, but still fairly agile. That plane at the end that set off all the fireworks was sure an interesting idea… IT looked pretty nice.


I agree that the show was pretty good. They should have left the pyrotechs for near the end, that way we wouldnt have had to wait so long for them to clean 'er up.
I have no patience, therefor I left at 9pm. I obviously missed the best part.


lots more if anyone wants them.