Terrace garbage dumps

A bear was hit by a car in Thornhill a while ago and when it was cut open the poor things stomach was full of Walmart plastic bags. Kitimat and Rupert’s dumps are surrounded by chain link fences, I assume for this reason, why on earth would this be allowed to go on in Terrace?

The Terrace Landfill has a fence. Maybe it’s another one? Thornhill?

I watched a bear get into a dumpster at a camp at Lakelse a few years ago by jumping up and down on it until it broke open. Maybe that’s what happened?

I’ve also seen a bear go down the street on Garbage day and systematically eat everyone’s garbage. That could have happened as well.

Why do you assume he was at the Terrace Landfill if he was found in Thornhill?

Also, people feed their kids mcdonalds why is that still allowed to go on? Which is the bigger travesty?