Terra Nova

I’ve been watching this series since the beginning and it’s pretty good!
If you haven’t heard of it the show takes place in the future about 100 years where the earth ks really polluted so some people are being sent back 65 million years in time to when there are dinosaurs again.

I started watching it to fill the void that Lost left once it ended and though it isn’t as mind boggling as Lost it makes a decent replacement in my opinion.

Has anyone else been keeping up with Terra Nova? I understand this weeks episode was cancelled due to Baseball.

Supposed to be back on Monday. It’s no lost with it’s “family” orientation and teen romance junk to try to scoop larger audience demographics, but considering the crap on TV this season, I tend to watch it.

So what shows are folks watching this year.

I’m liking Boardwalk Empire and Person of Interest, the latter reminds me of the Equalizer show of the mid eighties.

I also like CSI with Ted Danson, I think that was a pretty solid casting choice, he seems to be fitting into it well.

Ted Danson is playing the exact same character on CSI and on Bored to Death.

sons of anarchy
american horror story
walking dead
breaking bad

all great shows and unique in their own way

I really want to get into Walking Dead, when is it usually on?

Sunday nights AMC channel