Telus lies, Telus sweet little

So everyone knows the TWU is locked out by Telus over an imposed contract, right? The main issue being job security and contracting out clauses in the old BC Tel contract are ‘too good’ and must be destroyed by corporate interests at all costs.
So the unions been screaming that Telus wants to contract all kinds of work out overseas, like to the Phillipines to save money and the company has been denying this all along. Well today’s Sun reports that they ARE going to contract call center work out to the Phillipines and India, and that they HAVE TO because the union’s on strike and the work need to get done!
So they’re more or less blaming the union for costing themselves their own jobs that they weren’t going to contract out originally. Talk about SPIN DOCTORING. Sick thing is that so many will fall for this ploy.
You are so lucky to have your own telco in Rupert. You could call a meeting and Director Fred could explain why he’s giving your brother Sam’s and your neighbor Joe’s jobs to a Filipino for $8 a day, so that his Uncle Tim, your babysitter’s Dad, could get better dividends, you’d all only get a 5% rate increase… yada yada… all with a straight face…

Does this really surprise you? Honestly they have been spinning the union into the bad guy from day one. Typical union breaking techniques, kinda like the ones used at the mill in rupert… God damn those people and their wanting a decent standard of living!

What annoys me most was that in all my working life, the TWU was the most ‘reasonable’ union I was ever involved with. Democratic, no ‘mafia stereotypes’, no ‘communist principals’, just people who wanted to make things a little better. The number of years we took 0% because we knew things were tough, we were out there in the field and saw it.
Ever since the merger, it’s been downhill. I am particularly disgusted by many Albertan members being so unsupportive. What the company offered looked better than what they had but was worse than what BC had, and their motives remind me of a typical Alta seperatist. “F*** you Jack, I’m ok, and I’d be better off without you lot!”