Ted Nolan speaks out

I seem to remember some conversation here about the shorth lived NHL coaching career of Ted Nolan.

There’s a pretty interesting article in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, an interview with Nolan who recounts the last nine years of his life, in and out of hockey, it’s a good recap of where he was, how he got there and where he might be going in the future.

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It’s sure to stir up the commentary and Don Cherry kind of danced around it on Coach’s Corner on Tuesday night. Worth reading for sure, be interesting to see the feedback about it and if it works against his wishes to coach again in the NHL.

There’s a lot of crappy teams in the NHL that could surely use the guy’s talents, he’s done a great job with Moncton and by Sunday could once again be a Memorial Cup winning coach, sure look good behind the bench of a team of young guys on their way up!Â

Why is it that he is only in consideration for the crappy teams?.. It seems rac…I am just kidding. lol
I kind of agree with Cherry on this one, Nolan is a great coach but everything else he is passionate about and is very vocal about don’t really have anything to do with hockey and with teams winning.