Taylor Lake open again

I am glad that all those campers are not using the parking lot and blocking access to Taylor Lake. They have been using it for 2 summers straight. Wonder if they were dumping into the lake from their big trailers. There are camp sites around the area to use.


So now the district of port Ed can let the shitheads go and break glass and leave nails from burnt pallet boards lying everywhere, not to mention the garbage left behind. The people who were camping there cleaned the area up and made it safe for others. I sure hope the brain trust of port ed use some of their limited resources to ensure the area is as clean as it was when the campers were there.

Btw, I am not one of the campers but I did enjoy the lake one day while the “parking lot” was “full” without any problems.

LOL at Knut Bjorndal wondering why anything having to do with Taylor Lake is of ANY concern to the City of Prince Rupert. This is not the first comment he has made casting PR in a negative light.

That dude needs to keep his mouth shut…without Prince Rupert…Port Ed would not even exist…not only that but his community pretty much LIVES on the back of this city, he should show a little more appreciation and drop is condescending attitude.

Does Kloyia have nails and all that junk everywhere all of the time? No, Because the district of port ed cleans it up…
It will be taken care of if it’s known.
Doesn’t matter if you were able to use the spot, those people shouldn’t be hogging access to it. I used to take my dog there, but didn’t want to because I was reluctant to interrupt someones camping spot.
I think, if they had packed up at the end of every weekend, and not abused the spot by keeping their trailers there all summer, there wouldn’t have been an issue.

I believe that this highlights a need to have additional RV sites located closer to Rupert. In this day and age there are many that tow large RVs that are set up to require power and have water and sewer hookups. Outside of Prudhomme, there is nothing between here and Terrace other than Rainbow, which isn’t really a campsite and Exstew, which doesn’t have a properly maintained road and is not suitable to bring some of today’s RVs into. It’s too bad that Exchamsiks was closed several years ago. And with gasoline prices the way they are, it’s no wonder that some of these campers have tried to bend the rules by setting up at Taylor. Maybe it’s time to look at further developing sites at Rainbow, Diana or Prudhomme. There’s a potential business opportunity for someone who is willing to develop sites and lease them seasonally.

um i beg to differ… i have found several spots for camping, some are out of the way from highway traffic unlike Prudome… and im not talking Exstew…


um i beg to differ… i have found several spots for camping, some are out of the way from highway traffic unlike Prudome… and im not talking Exstew…[/quote]

Sure, there are a few small, undesignated camping areas like tweedle dee, tweedle dum, salvus, work channel, and of course I forgot to mention Kasiks, but there is still a need for sites closer to Rupert that are designated for this purpose. IMHO, there’s enough of a market here to make a business case to develop something nearby. The fact that Taylor lake has been clogged up for the past couple of years proves it.

Where is Taylor Lake?

People want free sites… people want to camp close to town can set up in their yards lol… I drive to terrace and camp at Kleanza every chance I get…

If people who want to camp close to town can set up in their yards, why aren’t they?

If people want free sites why are Furlong Bay and Ferry Island full throughout the summer?

What people want is to get away and enjoy a bit of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. For some people that means taking their boat out to go fishing, for others it’s a hike, for others it’s finding a quiet place to set up their tent. But for an increasing number of people, it’s hauling their RV somewhere for a few days. And for those people, many of them would like to be able to get away without having to go too far. As I said earlier, gasoline prices are outrageous.

It’s about 10 minutes East of town. The first lake you’ll see on your left. If you see the entrance to Diana Lake you’ve gone too far.

Very true Crazy…

Where is Taylor Lake and is there any area near by with trout ?

Its the turnoff just past Taylor dam/Kloyia river.
There is the turn off to kloyia, then the turnoff to the dam, and then the turnoff to taylor lake. If you passed it in the last few weeks, you’d have seen lots of trailers and such.

i dont understand the big deal that everyone is making about taylor lake all i ever thought of that area was a friggen rest area not a place to take my family and hang out . let them camp there. if u can drive that far to hang out at a rest stop then go to diana lake where theres a beach and big grassy area etc

Decker u must have been one of those ignorant campers

And what if u wanna bring ur dog for a swim? No dogs aloud at Diana.

The people that I saw last year at Tayor were locals, who felt that no one could stop them from camping there. They acted like they owned it and told other people to leave. Shame on you. That’s just as bad as those outta towners who think that if they camp at Polly Mare that they own the river in front of there tents.

Im not one of them. I dont camp in rest stops and for dogs they can go in the water anywhere. Its a rest stop not a park

Just an ignorant poster.

No I just see a rest stop for what it is