Hey, can anyone tell me anything about the tattoo artists up there?  I’m moving up there in less than a month, and I’ve been planning out some work, and I want to know if there’s anyone good up there.

And if you’ve got pictures, that’d be cool.

There is a new guy in town here actually, he is really good. I cant remember his name or what the place is called, but it’s by the Rupert Square mall I think.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. I’ll check it out for you tommorow.

Cool!  Thanks!


111-3rd Street

Prince Rupert, BC

(250) 624-5836



Thanks.  I actually just checked out his website.  Do you have an opinion on his work?  I can’t find a website for the other tattoo parlour in Rupert though.  (Phantom Ink)

That’s because they suck.

inkednation.com/r/r.cfm?t=9& … _ID=129246

Which one is the front for the drug dealer?

Ha ha, how eloquently put!

I checked it out. Can’t seem to get any photos without joining.  I’ll probably just drop in when I get up there, I guess.

Okay, you’re moving from Van. Island and you’re going to wait until you get to Rupert to get a tat?  I would have thought that the Island would have been a much better place to find a good artist - especially since there are so many bikers down there.

No, I’m not “waiting”… I’m moving very soon, and I can’t get all my work done before I move.  I’m planning on getting one in the next little while though.  I have a “plan” for all of my upcoming work, and I cannot afford the time OR money to do it all right now.  If the artists suck up there, I can just get a little more work done every time I come back down to visit.

I bet “nauticalpixel” would know some good tattoo applicators in Ruperts.  After all

pixel=pigment (pigmentation)

the two are closely related I would think. :smile:

How long have you been in Rupert?

Dude, you gotta get out more and get some sun!  errr… I mean, rain!

Wanna help me out on one of my tat designs?

Cool!  I’ll get to you soon.

‘Rich with Color’ out of Terrace is great as well if you want to get some ink.

I guess i am a little bit bias as to which tattoo shop to go to. That being said, definately Wicked Addiction Tattoo Studio.  :stuck_out_tongue: I have absolutley no affiliation with the other shop in town. My website is a little outdated, I have not updated in sometime, but you wil see that I am competent. I have a professional re-doing it as we speak, due to the fact that I’m not into webdesign as you will plainly see. As for Tattoo design…that what I do, so feel free to send me ideas and concepts. patrick@wickedaddiction.ca