Tarot Card Readings

Stop by and have your Tarot Cards Read!!! Rainforest Books will be having Bill Fenton in for the evening to do Tarot Card Readings. Bill has 15yrs of experience!! Each reading is about 15 minutes. If you would like to book an appointment or for more information please give us a call at 250-624-4195

How much? and is it legit?

How much is a good question. Is it legit? Wonder what the poster means by that…um, is it the truth so help you god? How can Taro be classed as legit? Not slamming ya, just asking what you might mean cause I am curious about the whole process myself. Money back if his reading isn’t true? With 15 years experience he must have something to say and its all fun anyway.

The readings are $20.00 per reading. I have had a reading done by him and was very impressed!!!

I’ll be there :smile: should be a good laugh. Does he dress like a typical tarot card reader? and speak like that lady in the commercial


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( I obviously dont know how to embed a link :frowning: fml)[/quote]

The HTMF FAQ has a section about how to embed a youtube video. I hope this helps you.

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If it resembles magic, it can’t be real. All that is necessary is to be a good cold reader. The cards aren’t even important.

Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Have fun!

I dont think tarot card reading are purely enternainment.
But i guess everyone has a different perspective heh.

It’s not about perspective, it’s about reality.

“Cold reading refers to a set of techniques used by professional manipulators to get a subject to behave in a certain way or to think that the cold reader has some sort of special ability that allows him to “mysteriously” know things about the subject. Cold reading goes beyond the usual tools of manipulation: suggestion and flattery. In cold reading, salespersons, hypnotists, advertising pros, faith healers, con men, and some therapists bank on their subject’s inclination to find more meaning in a situation than there actually is. The desire to make sense out of experience can lead us to many wonderful discoveries, but it can also lead us to many follies. The manipulator knows that his mark will be inclined to try to make sense out of whatever he is told, no matter how farfetched or improbable. He knows, too, that people are generally self-centered, that we tend to have unrealistic views of ourselves, and that we will generally accept claims about ourselves that reflect not how we are or even how we really think we are but how we wish we were or think we should be. He also knows that for every several claims he makes about you that you reject as being inaccurate, he will make one that meets with your approval; and he knows that you are likely to remember the hits he makes and forget the misses.”


It’s fun entertainment, and well worth the $20.

But if the person is claiming that he or she is psychic, then maybe they should be choosing the lottery numbers or something like that – they’d make more than $20! Or let me know who is going to win the Champions League, and I can make some money!

Or even better, here’s a guaranteed $1 million for anyone who has real paranormal abilities:


yaaaay :smile: thanks

I have always liked the Rainforest book store. The staff have been helpful and the stock that
they have is adequate for a small town.
That being said, I would ask that they stick to selling books and having book signings and such,
and not lowering themselves to these carnival side show scams.
Please Rainforest Books; think before you alienate too many customers.

I also really like the store. A short time ago I bought a book for my seven year old at the store. Rainforest books has a comfortable reading area where I sat with my child and read the book to her.

It’s entertainment. Does anybody really think they can see the future? Wait, scratch that. Does any ADULT think that fortune tellers can really see the future?

Just like reading a good fiction book – it’s entertainment.

“That being said, I would ask that they stick to selling books and having book signings and such,
and not lowering themselves to these carnival side show scams.
Please Rainforest Books; think before you alienate too many customers.”

Rainforest has readers of many interests and having a card reader in after hours shouldn’t be offensive. It’s hardly a carnival side show, in fact I wish they had given more notice and for THE PURE AMUSEMENT AND FUN of it i might have gone and had mine read. Books signings are fine i guess but to slow for me. I am glad that Gord is open to so many things, he is trying very hard to meet the community interest. Once he featured books on massage and had a lady in the evening giving Thai massage…it was awesome and let me to further paying for some massages. It’s great to get open to new ideas. I say way to go Gord/Tammie and staff!

i think this kind of thing is exactly what a small bookstore has to do to compete with Amazon and Chapters. Good stuff…

I dunno, any kid who has watched Scooby Doo wouldn’t believe in woo. Heh. Watching it right now. Saturday morning skeptic show in the form of a cartoon! Scooby Doo where are you?

I think its a great idea and it true the small store owners have to do something different or go that extra bit to keep the customers . I for one think its a great idea … I would like a TEA party … the history of teas tea testing etc. Great job RAINFOREST BOOKS!

I have actually be thinking of planning a Tea Party Maxwell!!! I will see what I can come up with for October as we have a few events already in September! I will post it on here and let you know!!! Hope to see you tomorrow night!!

You will!

Thank you to all of you that came out for the Tarot Card reading!!! Still have an hour to go so if you are interest in having a reading done come on by!!! Keep an eye open for our next event coming September 18, 2010 at 7pm!!!