Target eyeing vacancy at the mall?

Actuallly the space next to the source is going to become part of the source. They are putting in a very large renovation and expansion in July. Richard the mall owner says that at the moment no one is looking at the extra foods location and shoppers is a rumour. He has not been aproached by anyone and has not put out a posting for vacancy yet but is going to when the doors to extra foods close. It will take about a month to clear the store out after the doors close, contractors were in today putting in bids for the deconstrucion.

Here, something pertaining to Target Store vs. Canada … to-canada/

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Target is just as crappy as Walmart…bring on WINNER’S!! (you should go)  :wink:

I agree, winners…

Ooh we got a new Korporate citizen in town.
The trucks rolled in and dumped off the furniture, the staff, the installers, the computers, the alarm guys and even a security guard. Not a nickel to a local service, not a fucking single local job.
Payday loan outfit in a double-unit of the mall to milk the vulnerable.

But we’re big enough to have a bottom feeding legal loanshark outfit. Maybe soon we might even get a traffic light

Payday loan companies are a whole new thread! lol they suck and rip people off!

They have a big market here though that they take total advantage of  :imp: Here I was hoping we might have a new store to look forward to in the mall, SUCKS !!

Herbie doesn’t live here…

Ha! Just realized that  :smiley:  One of those days, arghhhhhhhhh! 

You know what?  Most of you people wouldn’t be happy no matter what moved into anywhere! 

No one has the Extra Foods spot spoken for… no one can even begin to do any paperwork until Extra Foods is out… at the end of June. 

If Shoppers was smart, they would continue to look elsewhere, into their OWN building, with their OWN parking, so they could set their OWN hours.  That’s more of a logical thing to do than go into a HUGE spot in the mall they can’t fill up.

Nope but if one of you bought out my business, I’d move there in a flash.
After all these years in business and knowing how many ppl in the Fort simply won’t pay their bills and don’t give a flying f*** about their credit rating, this could be the first payday outfit to go bankrupt. :imp:
Only Uncle Guido and his Escalade full of goombahs could make a go of the loan market here…

oh rly… do you need a collections officer herbie?  :wink: