Tackling Homelessness and addictions in Terrace

The Vancouver Sun features an interesting article on their website about a program being run in Terrace that is trying to turn around youth that are at risk from addictions.

Larry Pynn of the Sun has put together an extensive look at the Atlas Youth Treatment Facility, which is described in the article as “a refuge for up to six youths at a time aged 12 to 19, staying up to 30 days on a voluntary want-to-be-here basis.”

It’s trying to make a difference to those youth that have become at risk but are trying to turn their lives around before things get too far along or their addictions overcome them.

Pynn’s article explains the temptations that our youth face and the black hole that they can descend into to feed those addictions, the program in Terrace is just a small step in trying to reclaim those young people and lead them to a better and more rewarding life…

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Ruins my perception, as I escape stinky PG and the crackheads in the Hood for the weekend and visit rainy Terrace instead.

Thanks again for an interesting article Podunkian, I have heard some positive and negative about Terrace but this is the case with just about everything built by man. I find that Terrace always seem to get their shit together when it comes to youth issues. They work together and try, they have a city council that is willing to work with the community and also listen. I find here we have too many individuals who just want to build empires and they forget why they got into whatever they are doing. I believe that if we are going to win at this addiction problem we need a full drug squad which will target the Low Life Dealers who are lowering the prices of these hard drugs so our children can get on the band wagon, It is our kids that we must rescue now, no matter what culture they are , addiction has never had any borders unless it has changed since it had me by the Balls. I am not talking pot but yes we must get the crack pipe out of the kids mouth now and clean up the sewers of social polution.

Ok: 10,000 bonus points to Terrace for the Hot House. Haven’t tasted butter chicken or pakoras that good and I grew up around New Dhelta and SurreyLanka.
25,000 for those funky Copperside stores (that I heard) drove 7-11 out of town. Sao George cheese, hot pimento paste and octopus in the freezer instead of KRAFT WHATEVER, landjaeger where everyone else has pepperoni by the till, and a whole loaf of cinnamon bun bread for $1.99 instead of some chemically preserved two-bite disaster.
Plus a real Superstore and a Safeway.

I see why the kids moved back here from PG. They said the winters in PG were way longer than in Terrace. I can see grass out the window. At home theres still 8" to melt off yet.

Geez and you haven’t gone to Staples, Canadian Tire or Liquidation World,  Herbie, you really need to get out of the Fort more often… :smiley:

Actually got dragged thru Liquidation World the other day. It’s much cleaner and better laid out then the one on PG.
Got a kick out of a sign near the front door offering credit. That would be big in the Fort where ppl are so broke-ass they need credit at Liquidation World… :smiley:

Addressing the subject - I did see a couple hoodied losers about, but nothing like “The Hood” in PG.

There will always be a demand just as there is for alcohol.  The only true solution to the drug problem and the crime associated with it is to:

  1. Legalize all substances and regulate them.
  2. Use the money saved from not locking up pot growers, potheads etc.  to pay for  longer sentences  for ‘criminals’ that are actually causing harm to others.
  3. Continue to offer medical support for those who seek it. Once drugs are legal people wont be afraid to go get help.

Look back at alcohol prohibition and the crime that was associated with it.  I dont see any alcohol running cartels now that its legal… do you?