Têtes à claques

This is one of the most popular websites in French Canada.  To get a taste for it, watch the two episodes about the pilot ( Le Pilote and Le Pilote Part2) as there is  a lot English spoken in those videos.
Read about it here

Bein, c’est vraiment drolle, la!

its in french though

It’s time to get a French girlfriend.

Maybe check the SPCA for a poodle :smiley:

I had one, she was hairy and she ran away.

Sacré bleu!

Are those clips suitable for French immersion elementary students?

Not all of them.  The New Brunswick department of Education is now preventing access to this site.  But then again, they censor everything  :confused:
There are some clips that have coarse language and others have suggestive themes.

I doubt that elementary immersion students would actually understand a lot of the jargon and innuendos included in the clips.  A lot of regionalisms are used. 


Seems like some American company liked it.  They made some commercials: