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Whats all your opinions on this band?
i personally like the band Serj’s voice rules. i dunno its just one of my favorite bands just bought there new cd “Steal this Album” its really good!


I used to listen to it lots, back in the day of my Counter-Striking. Not a bad group.


licks donkey anus?



Toxicity was a great album, and their self-titled is also good too.

Still haven’t checked any of their new stuff though, I like how their new album is called “Steal This Album”… I almost bought it.


Not a fan.


[quote=“mrj”]licks donkey anus?



not a scratched van


Hahah, oh man, I forgot about those.

Not a bed pan.


Not a drunk man.


I got lots of system of a down, all of it. if anyone wants some give me a message.


soad is one of favorite other bands. do any of you like Otep ar Disturbed or Maryin Manson?


nope. none of us.


I don’t mind Disturbed… they have a couple songs that aren’t too annoying or heavy.


Not one of my favourites but, SOAD are great in my opinion. It sucks that they get labeled as ‘just another nu-metal band’ because they really are so much more. The lyrics are genius. I have three of their albums and every single song is enjoyable.


speaking of genius, didnt you realize how old this thread is?


Yes… oh, forgive me mighty one, for I thought threads were meant to be post in. :unamused:


meh soad is pretty good i like some of their songs one of my faves is aeriels and marilyn manson isnt too bad…


again, old thead