System of a Down is back together

In case you guys didn’t know already

One of my favourite bands of all time but I hear they aren’t going to make any new material so I don’t really care. Also, Serj’s voice has really deteriorated over the years.

From what I’ve heard they’re just touring for now because they want to connect with their fans again, but they don’t have any plans. So, in that case, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to make new stuff, or maybe even remaster some of their old unreleased demo songs (Honey, Friik!, etc.)

Yeah I’d love to see Friik remastered. Also they should have put Marmalade on the north american releases of their CD’s aswell, it was really good.

Although reunion bands very very rarely record new stuff. If they do I hope they go back to their crazier, more heavy, serj-centered stuff. Their new stuff was great as well but it just wasn’t the same as the self-titled and Toxicity.

Old Serj (Crazy, lots of energy):

New Serj (Plain, doesn’t seem to care much, not much dancing/overall ridiculousness):