Swollen Members this past weekend

Much to my surprise they put on a wicked show.  When i saw them in castlegar it was horrible,  but I now figure it was mostly due to the stage set up at the Element Club…oh, if you are ever in Castlegar, DONT GO THERE

If you check thier myspace they give rupert asd Rain some good shouts, as we had them here every night and threw a couple of shakers at our place after.  Prevail said this was the craziest town they have been to and they were blown away by the attendance, and asked me to thank everybody that came, and said they will be back when thier new album comes out in the fall. 

Stewart and the crew from the new casino have promised many more shows like this to come and even they were surprised by the attendance. 

I loved both shows I went to… I kind of wish I kept my Friday tickets too, but our Charity Hockey Game was more important.

I heard a lot of comments about how crappy they were, but coming from non-fans I didn’t take any of them to heart.  I thought they put on 2 wicked shows, and can’t wait until they come back.

i thought they were pretty damn awesome too…
and i thought it was pretty cool being in rain before the show and actually getting able to meet them and get autographs and pictures :smiley:

i really do hope they come back

Were you one of the old ladies that had no idea who they were?  hahaha I got a kick out of watching that.

lol nope… i think i was sitting with YOU actually  :laughing:

ooooooh, ok :smiley:  Good choice!  :laughing:

naturally  :sunglasses: