Swarming on 3rd ave. lastnite

This happened outside a bar on 3rd . They jumped out and attack.
woman was hospitalized sounds like they caught 1 suspect.

So lets see…hummmm, so we have the Belmont…first clue. Only one bar on third and that would be the Belmont. Were they Ornamental , Caucasian or First Nations? What size car were they in? How many were there? Male and Female? Did you see it go down? Sounds like a possible swarming or a rumor.

[quote=“Justin Case”]Sounds like a possible swarming or a rumor.

Either way, Rupert deserves a huge facepalm…

Gotta watch those damn ornaments.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Or anyone at all on the streets, could be a christian or muslim

Them ornamentals are at it again there Edith!

Haven’t heard anything about it except on here.  Did it happen or another famous  :unamused: rumour?  Does anyone know of any extra monies that have been dished out in the last couple of days… SA was last week so this must be new  :confused: Was asked about that a couple of times as there have been more than the usual intoxicated folks out there…

unfortunately it did happen, I dont know the circumstances leading up to the “swarming” but it was 2 guys vs the swarm and a girl got hurt trying to stop it, all 3 ended up in the ER that night.  What ever happened to the idea of a fair fight??

Fair fighting only happens in the ring or on the mat.

LOL maybe rupert IS getting better, everyone’s out drinking on a tuesday night?? there’s fights in the middle of the street, sounds like it used to back in the 70’s

I want to see the show So You Think Your Tough come here.  I think it would be quite entertaining:)

Or we could just ask to borrow the cage in Terrace, set it up on a saturday nite in the street…that could be fun  :imp:

Have security, charge five bucks admission… :unamused:

it did happen one of the participants is getting pins in his foot after getting attacked

yea, I guess the one guy got his foot broken bad and is getting something like 3 pin’s, the first guy that got “attacked” his whole right of his face is completly swallen and his eye’s shut as well, their was no reason on the attack. their was something like 5 non cocassion that jumped him and his friend. to what I understand charges are being pressed today :S

Great more shit we have to keep our eys open to, what is there purpose in all this? Too many movies or did they just read some old newspaper from years ago when this shit started going down, everybody should carry a talking stick an F/n baseball bat. Fix it now.

“Ornamental”?  Hmmm, I would’ve concurred “Disoriental” driving a white crew cab silverado, with a licence plate (BC Marker) of 8916 Kilo Victor.  If you want the driver’s name, pm me.

“or a rumor”?  Far from it.  If you want the actual police file number, pm me.  I will give you that too!