My daugther wants me to carve Nemo on a pumpkin. So I went searching for images and this is one of them:

P.S. for some reason, the image tag doesn’t work for me.

I’m not sure how much she’d appreciate that one, haha.

I showed it to her and she actually laugh. Well, she’s 10 now so I guess she sees the humour in this kind a thing before I do :unamused:

Oh to be 10 agian.

You just turned 11 yesterday didn’t you?

haha… no

I wish I could go back to being 10, just for a day or so though.

10 was a good age.

You forgot to write something under there. And if it was a question. No I did not.

I didnt forget anything, I was just bugging you.

I see well your not doign a very good job are you.

throw some quips about weight and spelling and grammer.

Nomadic, you write the same way your dad talks.

There is no written form of my fathers language. No one (except perhaps him )can write that messy.

Man ever since my identity got out I have to live with that shame.

Then you haven’t been reading your brother’s posts.

What is my brothers user name?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “quips” written in a forum before, that or said by a grade 8.

ooh i want sushi…california roll whut?