Suprnova or equivalent

:open_mouth: Hi was woundering is there any other site like suprnova. I’m finding suprnova is not updating there movie selection too slow and aswell its hard to log on to torrett’s.
Iv tried uktorretts uk-torretts…
Might have to use mirc again…lol…

I like how lokitorrent has my Ip banned and I’ve never even heard of the website haha.

Ok, this topic name is confusing, he means “equivalent”, right?

What are you talking about? 8)

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he that’s what he meant.

Oh oh, I’m Troy, I learnt how to moderate stuff.

I learned how to shave.

Dude, nobody cares about the peach fuzz, don’t worry about it.

I find the same problem with 123 torrents (can access everthing else) but not 123 or a few other sites.odd

Congrats!1 :smiley: