Supreme Court: Media - Libel

[quote]OTTAWA – The Canadian media secured a major victory Tuesday when the Supreme Court of Canada put its seal of approval on a new defence to protect journalists from lawsuits.

The new libel defence, called “responsible communication,” can shield media outlets, even if they had some of the facts wrong, provided they can show they did everything they could to get the story right.

In a 9-0 ruling, the court concluded that current defamation laws lean too heavily toward protecting reputations, at the expense of freedom of expression guarantees in the Charter of Rights.[/quote]

Ha, I was just coming to post the same story differnet writer… … le1408613/

Well now I sure do feel better, thanks guys.

Finally the media can write whatever they want to about whoever they want as long as the process is honourable.

“Mr Mayor, I know I quoted you as saying you were an arsonist, but I was trying to do the best I could in saying you were playing with fire on the municipal budget.”

I would say we all pretty much got burned in the last election.

Well I guess we can now all expect to see those indepth exposes that the Daily had been holding back all this time.

Mr. Baker, the floor is yours.

Mr. Baker has been prohibited from posting here … conflict of interest.  :imp:

Huh? He was what?

I think that the situation got a bit problematic towards the end:

And my personal favourite, which was directed at me:

He’s a good journalist, though. I usually only buy the Friday edition of the Snooze, but without George T and the classifieds I wouldn’t buy it at all.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy it, it’s free.